NHS Gloucestershire has announced that it is successfully working with a ‘Caretaker’ who is committed to providing GP services at Drybrook Surgery from 1 June 2023, when the Mitcheldean Partnership contract will come to an end.

The Caretaker is a local GP, Dr Anna Raymond, along with Practice Nurses Katie Dyer (nee Cook) and Nichola Winstanley. This contract will run until 1 December 2023.

Helen Goodey, Director of Primary Care and Place at NHS Gloucestershire, said:

“We believe that this is a great outcome and opportunity, and I am delighted to be working with Dr Raymond and the Practice Nurses.

They are familiar with Drybrook Surgery and have existing relationships with patients and staff as they already provide much of the clinical cover at the Surgery, meaning that they will be able to continue to offer high quality care to patients.

The new contract with the Caretaker (once agreed) is intended to start on 1 June 2023 and patients should not experience changes in the way they receive primary care medical services after this date. A full range of services will continue to be provided from the current Surgery building. Patients will remain on the Drybrook Surgery patient list so do not need to take any action.

Presuming the Caretaker contract is entered into as planned, the procurement for a longer-term solution will then begin as a matter of urgency. This will involve a competitive procurement process, and we will commence this work as soon as possible, with the intention that a permanent contract provider takes over from December 2023.

Due to the NHS pharmacy regulations which are outside NHS Gloucestershire’s powers, from June, patients who currently use the dispensary at Drybrook Surgery will need to choose a new pharmacy from which to obtain their prescribed medication. Anyone affected by this change will receive a letter which sets out clearly what they will need to do. This change is It is a legal requirement due to the nature of the contractual changes.

Helen Goodey added:

“We are confident that local pharmacies will be able to deliver high quality services to patients and would like to reassure patients that they should not be concerned about their medication supplies.

This is an exciting development, and whilst there is still work to be done to agree the Caretaker Contract and for the longer-term solution; I am really pleased that that the future of Drybrook Surgery is more secure.”

NHS Gloucestershire will continue to keep patients up to date with progress through letters and information in the Surgery waiting room and regular updates on the Surgery website.