Social Prescribing Day is an annual celebration of the people, organisations and communities who make social prescribing happen. Hannah Gorf, Senior Programme Manager: Healthy Communities and Individuals at NHS Gloucestershire explains what social prescribing is and what kind of help people can access.

Life can be hard. Sometimes, it can be hard for a long period of time. Sometimes, it can just hit you, wham, out of nowhere.

When life is hard, finding support can be even harder. When you are not at your best, reaching out and researching what might help feels even more of a struggle. So sometimes, we just need people to be there, close by, reaching out to us.

Social Prescribing is a term used to describe people connecting to local groups, activities and services that can help them with their wellbeing, to live their best life. It could be a change in circumstances has left you feeling at a loss – a bereavement, redundancy, a relationship breakdown…these can be difficult to navigate on your own. Or it could be you have an ongoing challenge that you now need help with – a long term health condition, troubling finances.

There are many amazing places to get support in your community, full of people who want to help and have the necessary skills and training to do so.

We are showcasing a few Voluntary and Community Groups this Social Prescribing Day to make people aware of the different ways and places you can get help and support. These include:

  • The Music Works
  • Tewkesbury Nature Reserve
  • Cinderford Art Space

If you need some extra support in finding activities that would suit you, then we also have social prescribers across Gloucestershire who can help.

Visit our website to find out more about getting help from the Community Wellbeing Service in your area: