We want individuals in Gloucestershire to live in connected, resilient communities and have the knowledge, capability and opportunities to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our aim is to improve health and wellbeing by ensuring people have the resources and support that they need, increasing people’s control over their health and lives, and developing a system that focusses on prevention and reducing inequalities.

In order to reduce the impact of long-term conditions we need to re-focus attention on how people live their lives, the impact of social circumstances on health, our experiences and the opportunities we have to influence our own health.

Decisions we take every day can help us improve our health. Making healthy choices is not always easy or obvious, but we are working with our One Gloucestershire partners to help people to get the right advice and support when they need it.

Not all health conditions can be prevented, but many can be through making healthy choices in our day to day lives. The pages in this section should help provide some useful pointers and help you to live well, including information on the support available if you develop a long term health condition.

The following services and guidance is available to help you make healthy choices: